“Bitcoin Now Has Its Own Taylor Swift” – a write up on Tatiana’s Silk Road Song

  "Moroz doesn’t really sing about boys or heartbreak or loneliness or love. She sings about bitcoin and why the government shouldn’t own the money system in America. " Check out the story Vocativ did on me, and find out more about the www.FreeRoss.org trial! Read the full article here: http://www.vocativ.com/tech/bitcoin/meet-tatiana-moroz-bitcoin/

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My Tribute Song to Ross Ulbricht

Hey everyone,   As you know, I have been talking about Ross Ulbricht and his arrest for allegedly being connected to the online marketplace “The Silk Road”.  I even spoke with his mother back in October, and it’s been on my mind of course.   His trial in New York started last week and I wanted… Read more »

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Tatiana Talks with Trace Mayer about Money 20/20, Armory, and his podcast!

I had the opportunity to sit down at Premier Studios with Trace Mayer as he got ready to attend this year’s Money 20/20 conference.  Join us as Trace Mayer discusses the CEO panel of Bitcoin companies for Money 20/20, Bitcoin security, Bitcoin for beginners, investments in Bitcoin and much more!  This is one interview you… Read more »

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Anarchast Ep. 183 Tatiana Moroz: Liberty in Music!

Hey guys!  I went down to the beach yesterday and did an episode of Anarchast with Jeff Berwick who is hosting the first ever Anarchapulco event in Acapulco Mexico Feb 24-March 1.  If you want to join me, Angel Clark, Roger Ver, Cody Wilson, Luke Rudkowski and more, use the coupon code “tatianacoin” to save… Read more »

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Tatiana Speaks with Martin Davidson of Coin Station

Tatiana sat down with Martin Davidson of Coin Station at the grand opening of the Melbourne Australia Bitcoin Technology Center, MBTC for short! Martin fills us in on his path into Bitcoin and how a Coin Station Vending Machine will help individuals use Bitcoin easily! He has such great enthusiasm, though that doesn’t surprise me!… Read more »

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Tatiana Moroz At Bitcoin South – “Why Artists Should Love Bitcoin”

Singer & Songwriter, +Tatiana Moroz  presented an Artists perspective on Bitcoin to the crowd at +Bitcoin South  covering the the similarity in values between bitcoin’s decentralized free nature and the strive for liberty and free expression she advocates through her work and music. Read the full article here: http://bravenewcoin.com/news/tatiana-moroz-at-bitcoin-south-why-artists-should-love-bitcoin  

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Women in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

  “Look at some of the women making waves in the Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology space right now. These women are at the forefront and leading the way” Thank you Ribbit.me for mentioning me among all these great women within the Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology space! Read the full article here: http://blog.ribbit.me/post/105622292726/women-in-bitcoin-and-blockchain-technology

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