Canadian blogger of The National Consciousness Interviews Tatiana Moroz

Interview With Singer/Songwriter Tatiana Moroz By Jason Daniel Baker Though some men in the bars and coffee houses she plays will be intimidated by her looks she is the type of vivacious woman a guy will buy a drink for and feel like he got his money’s worth just for the conversation. Earthy, erudite… Read more »

Come see Tatiana live in a NEW MUSICAL April 16th-20th!

Come see a limited preview of the NEW musical by Brian McLane. There are only 4 shows, so get your tickets soon! Tickets $20 on Shows on April 16 at 2:00p.m., and 18, 19, and 20 at 7:30p.m. For more info, visit the fan page at Located at: The Kraine Theatre 85 East… Read more »

Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland! AUG. 20-24 2010

Hey folks! Perhaps your summer travels will take yee to a foreign land?  Well, they are certainly taking me across the pond to SCOTLAND!  That’s right, eat my dust you NYC summer sweat monsters- I will be cooling off in the glories of the Scottish Highlands playing at  the largest art festival in the world!… Read more »

WAER and WMVY Radio stations start playing Tatiana

Hi Y’all, In the midst of all my gigs, work, and personal life, I have been promoting to a few choice radio stations.  More to follow, but the two I am most excited about are: WAER in Syracuse This great station added me a few weeks ago, and hope to do a live instudio performance… Read more »

“Tatiana” debut album available now!

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