I made this video to help raise awareness about my friend Glenn Horowitz. He is trying to raise money to convert his car to help him get around (he has MS and it can be pretty debilitating). He wrote me this note detailing some of his plight, which I will paste below. I hope that you can help this fellow freedom fighter’s cause!
Thanks for watching!

Here is an article Glenn posted, and below that, a note from him with some of the details!

1) The fundraising blog is at and its purpose is to raise the amount needed to convert the vehicle I already own, a 2008 Honda Element that’s waiting in my garage right now.

2) The effort is well underway with about 16.9% or $4400 already received.

3) In addition to restoring my life as a human being, I intend to use my recovered mobility to:

a) Get out to communicate with the public again, both as a liberty activist and journalist, and to work to help the public better understand the benefits to all of us of liberty, the Zero Aggression Principle, and the virtues of truly free markets and trade rather than the destructiveness of war that has taken the place of intelligent diplomacy in America’s relations with the world.

b) To support the candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul as the only sensible choice in our upcoming election for determining the next president of the US.

c) To also support the efforts of genuinely liberty oriented candidates for our legislature like Ret. Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski and former sheriff Richard Mack who want to restore our liberties and return the US to a constitutional republic as newcomers to the political arena.

d) To refine and improve what skills I have as a journalist for the New Media, discussing current events of substance instead of the status quo distractions that the entrenched Establishment media limits itself to that are inimical to individual citizens’ interests while aggrandizing and promoting the interests of the State.

e) To help the public better understand that the school of Austrian economics is the simplest and most effective way to understand humanity’s action and the way it really works in the world, instead of the flawed and overcomplicated Keynesian economics that currently dominates mainstream political and economic thought.

I’d like it if people could understand that these intended uses of my recovered liberty are things I’ve wanted to do from the start, not from a desire to pay back those in the liberty community who have already helped or will help my cause and project to succeed.

I really CAN’T pay them back since I’m no longer capable of regular productive work due to my disability of multiple sclerosis, but they will certainly have my thanks and can know that by donating they’re setting a motivated liberty activist to work for everyone’s benefit, as well as allowing me to regain my liberty in order to pursue happiness again, just as the Declaration of Independence so capably acknowledges.

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