Singer, Songwriter, Pioneer

It’s the new album from singer-songwriter Tatiana Moroz: Keep The Faith! Loaded with all-new songs and full-band versions of favorites! This is Tatiana Moroz at her best! BUY IT NOW!

Artists & Blockchain

TATIANACOIN is the first ever musical artist coin. The coin is a unique digital currency built on top of Bitcoin. As an independent artist, Tatiana wanted to solve the problems prohibiting her from connecting with her fans and supporting her music career.

TATIANACOIN is the alpha for the concept of Artist Coins.

Listen to the Tatiana Show!

A show that is upbeat, informative, fun, and loaded with great guests that are actually making things happen in Bitcoin, blockchain, crypto, art, and activism! The Tatiana Show is your stop for understanding how it all comes together. And did we mention that it’s fun?

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