Bitcoin 101

Tatiana and Stephanie Murphy team up to create a series of short, easy to understand videos that explain how bitcoins work. Please fee free to tip the ladies at BTC address: 1HBmMqMknCTPRXP2YJKyLSPgfiaM1BPwDk For more on Tatiana, go to: For more on Stephanie, go to: For podcasts by Tatiana, Stephanie, and other great… Read more »

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My Tribute Song to Ross Ulbricht

Hey everyone,   As you know, I have been talking about Ross Ulbricht and his arrest for allegedly being connected to the online marketplace “The Silk Road”.  I even spoke with his mother back in October, and it’s been on my mind of course.   His trial in New York started last week and I wanted… Read more »

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2/23/12 Masters of War, Ron Paul and

I was honored with this lovely article by this fantastic team of veterans from the Combat Veterans For Ron Paul website ( and thought I would share it with you.  Here is a link to the song referenced below on Itunes: Masters of War: Tatiana Moroz, Ron Paul and Music for the Revolution (Video)… Read more »