Tatiana is Now a “Spells of Genesis” Card!!

Wow! You can’t imagine how excited I am about this! One of the coolest implementations of blockchain technology that I’ve ever heard of–the game Spells of Genesis–has made a game card out of me! I am so honored, and this is so awesome! She looks just like me, don’t you think? Here’s a description of the card:

TATIANACARD is our brand new blockchain card, designed exclusively for the singer
and songwriter Tatiana Moroz, who is very active and well-known in the bitcoin community.

The card, issued in a limited supply of 1 200 units, will be available at the Partner Merchant‘s
from Tuesday, January 10th, 3pm CET. Grab yours for 70 BCY! Later on, TATIANACARD
will be offered by the Public Merchant’s.”

Thanks so much to everyone at Spells of Genesis, and to all of you that follow my site, make sure you get one now! This card is a limited edition!

You can see the official announcement here!

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