Freedom Fest TV Special Appearance July 8, 2016

Vegas baby!  It’s true, it’s time to go down to Nevada for the annual Freedom Festival at Planet Hollywood July 13-17!  I am really excited to be on the Silk Road panel, and will be singing at the Karaoke party Friday night.  I talk about all this and much more including my new album for the Fall,… Read more »

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Tatiana’s Interview on Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show

Tatiana joined one of her favorite show hosts Ernie Hancock at Freedom’s Phoenix while in Lancaster, NH at Porcfest.  This year was another good time, and overall, Porcfest is one of the best events of 2016 so far!  They talk about the future of artists and crypto, Silk Road, the halvening, and more.

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“Bitcoin is Just the Beginning,” Says Tatiana in Her National TV Interview with John Stossel

On Thursday, May 12, Tatiana was interviewed by John Stossel at Fox Studios in NYC about Bitcoin and how it can impact the world.  Tatiana spoke about the unbanked, future applications of the technology and about what inspired her to write the Bitcoin Jingle as well as create the first ever artist cryptocurrency.

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12. Evolution to Revolution

What do you want me to do, just stand on by? Waiting to hear the truth, I’ve only heard the lies Gasoline and high inflation burning up the world Time to teach the Constitution to every boy and girl Get back to the Constitution Revolution We just wanna save the nation Revolution Revolution Wake up… Read more »

11. Playin’ the Cards

He’s a miner And his daddy builds guitars While he fights the cancer caused by Agent Orange When his son tried to enlist Dad said “Son, don’t do this” You should get a job And raise a family When I heard his story It made me wanna cry Cause I thought of all the good… Read more »

9. Make a YouTube Video

Who are these monsters inside my head? They give me uneasy feelings They tell me “Go to sleep! Just go to bed!” But I’m awake and I’m not dreaming What can I do to make a change? ‘Cause I just wanna be free I don’t want a police state I just want love and liberty… Read more »

7. Rita

I once knew a girl named Rita She didn’t mean to steal your man She’s a friend you can go out with, Better off without it ‘Cause she’s all bad She will look you in the eyes and smile But she is hiding devil styles To cut you all down As she lets her legs… Read more »

4. I Tried to Reach You

Today I think I’ll sit and wait for the train Don’t think I have the strength to be disappointed again I want to think that you’ll be sure to call out my name But all I get is pretty much all the same I tried to reach you but you’re not home But I guess… Read more »