2. News Report

I wake up with a news report from a lonely heart It’s time to wake up, its time for the show I put it on the line, I didn’t think that I would do it this time But here we are, and I want it, yeah I want it   I want the news to… Read more »

5. Castle to Defend

I’m sorry I had to wait so long for your love I’m sorry for all of our pain It always seems to feel like something we’ve stolen A treasure that could be taken away Still I can’t sleep without I can’t eat without I can’t dream without you I guess I care too much Always… Read more »

4. California

Last night I slept in the canyon Thought I’d raise my eyes to the sky to see Hoping to ask the right questions Lord let the answers rain down on me Cause I wanna feel Your warm hands on me, my California And I wanna buy A one-way ticket away from home And I’m gonna… Read more »

My Tribute Song to Ross Ulbricht

Hey everyone,   As you know, I have been talking about Ross Ulbricht and his arrest for allegedly being connected to the online marketplace “The Silk Road”.  I even spoke with his mother back in October, and it’s been on my mind of course.   His trial in New York started last week and I wanted… Read more »

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Let It Go

So many things are happenin’ Outside of our control The planets fade the stars align And some of us strike gold You hold onto the things you have You doubt the road ahead A shaky faith in miracles Gets weaker in your head   Let it go Don’t think about it You just show the… Read more »