Bitcoin Jingle

I didn’t want to give any of my money to a nation based on war I wanted to be free, nothing holding me back from where I want to go I thought about it, I thought about it What was the choice that I made? It was to take away the money, Don’t give up... Read more »

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Silk Road

There was a man who did the unspoken He looked for freedom from the violence No one is perfect when there’s new ground broken A mess is made and someone gets blamed   He had a dream of harmony As you wish to live out your own We cannot stand for this, cannot have you... Read more »

Same Side

I woke up this morning And I turned on the radio I heard the same old song So I went outside   People fighting, people living, people dying And it’s oh so much to think about It’s oh so much to worry about It makes me cry   Need a bit of perspective, Need some… Read more »