11. Don’t Stop Believing

If you wanna take a trip here baby And rest your weary bones Take a seat back, relax, get silly It’s been a long hard road Cause you’ve got fire beneath your wings And you know that it’s gonna burn when you fly The world has shown you a thousand things And it’s hard to… Read more »

9. Evolution

What do you want me to do, just stand on by? Waiting to hear the truth, I’ve heard so many lies I have got to keep on making my way through the world Waking up the Evolution in every boy and girl Waking up the Evolution Evolution There’s a way to make it better Evolution… Read more »

8. Release in You

Most days I wake up and I’m feeling like I’m still a slave Workin me to the bone, until I find me an early grave You know it’s hard to find a place in this insanity They’re always saying that’s the way that its gotta be. But I find release in you Manage some peace… Read more »

7. They’ll Never Change

Another day, another way To get thrown out of home But does it really matter what we said Or who started it all I never meant to piss you off Or make you so mad I don’t wanna disappoint but really what’s the point When we’re not getting very much love at all I’m not… Read more »

6. Bad News

I know I don’t love you but I can’t get you off of my mind Always thinking of you, though I ain’t the cheating kind I sleep in my lover’s arms, am bothered by thoughts of your bed Tryin not to think about who takes my place there instead But you’re no good Heartbreaker Your… Read more »

5. Castle to Defend

I’m sorry I had to wait so long for your love I’m sorry for all of our pain It always seems to feel like something we’ve stolen A treasure that could be taken away Still I can’t sleep without I can’t eat without I can’t dream without you I guess I care too much Always… Read more »

4. California

Last night I slept in the canyon Thought I’d raise my eyes to the sky to see Hoping to ask the right questions Lord let the answers rain down on me Cause I wanna feel Your warm hands on me, my California And I wanna buy A one-way ticket away from home And I’m gonna… Read more »

3. Claim To Your Heart

You left my place last night without even so much as a goodbye. Did someone leave you a message that was sweeter than mine? I’m not supposed to know, I’m not supposed to ask questions Or you’ll call off the show, if I dare to even mention That I may have a claim to your… Read more »

2. Look Like Honey

You say that I ask too much of you But I disagree You say I don’t understand the angles of You and me I try to play things straight, but there you go now I can’t look you in the eye I can’t stand all the things I have to do To appeal to your… Read more »

1. Forever More

Early one morning I found myself crying But what for I’m no longer quite sure Cause my baby, He lay by me Forever more My husband slept sound while I was creepin Out the door to my lover’s arms But still my baby, He lay by me Forever more I came home stinkin of pot… Read more »